Naturally-Colored Fillings

Natural-looking dental fillings at our office in Pleasanton.

If your dentist has detected a cavity, you will be recommended to come back for another visit to have it filled. A cavity is a hole that has formed in the tooth and resulted in permanent damage. Cavities are caused by bacteria in the mouth and anyone can develop them at any time. Good oral hygiene is your best defense against cavities and reduces the chances of getting them. Once you have tooth decay, taking care of it quickly can save you from a lot of pain and save you money in the long run. If you ignore tooth decay, it may become painful and may require more extensive treatments to fix. In most cases, the dental filling should be done within a few weeks from discovery.

How is a tooth filling done?

The affected area is typically first numbed with topical and local anesthesia. Then, your dentist will remove the decayed dental tissue with a special cavity remover device. Next, the tooth will be isolated to keep it dry as the tooth-colored fillings are applied to fill in the opening or hole. Then, a special light is used to cure the material so that it is properly bonded to the tooth. Afterward, your dentist will make any necessary refinements to ensure that your bite is comfortable and balanced.This procedure is usually completed in one office visit. Most fillings can last for many years, but they may need to be replaced over time due to wear and tear.

What materials are used in a dental filling?

When it comes to restoring a decayed or damaged tooth, dental composite fillings offer an excellent solution. One significant advantage of dental composite fillings is their natural appearance. The composite material used in the filling is tooth-colored, making it blend seamlessly with your natural teeth, ensuring a more aesthetically pleasing result. Additionally, composite fillings bond directly to the tooth, which helps to restore its strength and integrity. At Lumi Dental Studio, we use a brand-name FDA approved natural tooth colored filling materials that can mimic the color of natural teeth very well and are extremely strong.

We tend to avoid metal fillings or silver fillings most of the time due to the mercury leakage or heavy metal leakage into the body and they can create crack lines on the tooth over time. These crack lines may cause the surrounding tooth structure to fail and the tooth to fracture eventually.  Furthermore, the metal does contrast with your white teeth and it will show through as you age, creating a darker smile.

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