Financial Options

Paying with a credit card.

Estimated Patient Payment with PPO insurances

With PPO insurances, our patients pay the estimated patient portion in full at the date of treatment and the insurance provider will typically reimburse our office for the remaining balance. Prior to the date of treatment, our team provides our patients with a detailed cost estimate that includes the estimated patient portion and the estimated insurance contribution based on the insurance company’s pre-qualification estimates. Please note that the patient is responsible for paying any remaining balance due after the insurance contributions have been applied.

Payment plans

For large treatment plans such as implants and crowns that require multiple appointments, our office offers payment plans based on the number of visits required to complete the treatment. For example, a patient who needs to get an implant may pay half at implant surgery phase and pay half at the start of implant crown phase. Payment plans may be an attractive option for patients who do not have dental insurance or who have limited insurance coverage, or for patients who need to pay for more complex or costly treatment.


Our team also can help create affordable treatment with customized treatment phasing for large treatment plans. The treatments are completed in multiple phases usually with the most urgent treatment first. Our patients pay for treatment that is done at the time of service.

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